Bringing a Profound experience
 to the mundane

One Draw is an artist experience, consultancy, gallery, and research centre for the fine arts.

One Draw brings the intuitive representation of the familiar in drawing, painting and sculpture. The ideas is to bring a profound experience into the mundane, to open the ordinary eyes to the intellectuality in what seems pedestrian by highlighting through exquisite draughtsmanship and intuitive rendition the beauty of everyday experience/life.

With our knowledge of contemporary Nigerian Art we offer consultancy in art acquisition and art investment. Our portfolio covers quite a range of artists in the following genre; Drawings in all media, classical realism, naturalism, impressionism and abstract expressionism.

Through our art facilitators we offer workshops from beginners to advance classes. We provide worksops for children and young adults during the long/ English summer vacation.

Our goal is to enrich lives through the fine art.

Olusegun Adejumo is a visual artist, art consultant, teacher, illustrator, known for his female figure drawings and paintings. He lectures on the academics of appropriating art and art appreciation. He is a consistent public speaker and advocate on using art as a tool for nation building

He is aimed at promoting the drawing culture of professional artists and art enthusiasts. He is the past president for the Guild of Professional Fine Artists Nigeria.

Adejumo lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria and has been a practicing artist for 30 years